Hercules was a massive wood coaster which operated at Dorney Park from 1989 to September 1, 2003 and was removed over the winter of 2003 due to increasingly high maintenance costs and low ridership. Hercules was replaced with Hydra the Revenge for the 2005 season.

Hercules was designed by Curtis Summers and built by Charles Dinn at Dorney Park in 1989. Hercules stood proudly 95 feet in the air with a surprising 151 foot drop down the side of the hill it was built on. Hercules had a total track length of 4,000 feet.

Hercules was located on the upper portion of Dorney Park, next to the White Water Landing shoot-the-chutes ride, and was built on the side of the hill that is also occupied by the Thunder Creek Mountain log flume and a portion of Steel Force. This location gave the ride a unique high-speed turn prior to its lift and a surprisingly large main drop, which plunged down the side of the hill into a steep banked turn over the lake. Hydra now occupies Hercules' land.

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Hercules Stats
Designer: Curtis D. Summers & The Dinn Corporation
Debut: 1989, Closed 9/1/2003
Height: 95 feet (With a 151 foot drop down the side of a hill)
Speed: 65 mph
Inversions: 0
Length: 4000 feet
Other: When Hercules opened, it held the record for tallest drop on a wooden roller coaster in the world. This record was held until 1991, when Cedar Point opened Mean Streak.

Hercules Removal Page
Height Requirement: 48" and taller

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