Hang Time

Known generically as a "top spin," Hang Time was manufactured by the Huss ride company of Germany. The ride itself consists of a long ride vehicle suspended between two large arms. As these two arms rotate, the ride vehicle is free to spin and flip. At several points in the ride cycle the vehicle is locked in position while the arms continue to rotate, slowly suspending riders upside down over the fountain below.

The fountains below the ride were originally for cosmetic purposes only. For the 2006 season, the jets were made stronger to soak passengers. The wet conditions proved problematic for the ride however, and the jets were reduced to their original intensity the following season.

Hang Time is located on the upper portion of Dorney Park, beyond the games on the main midway, next to the entrance of Talon.

Hang Time is for guests from 54 to 77 inches tall.

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