Hydra the Revenge

Hydra the Revenge is a floorless roller coaster built for the 2005 season. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland, Hydra features 3,198 feet of coiled steel track, a 95 foot lift hill, a 105 foot drop, seven oddly distorted inversions and several dives into rock-filled trenches.

Currently Pennsylvania's only floorless roller coaster, Hydra provides an interesting twist to the traditional experience: as the train prepares to depart from the station, the floor drops, splits down the middle and peels away to the sides, leaving riders' legs dangling freely above the track!

Hydra gets right down to business rolling out of the station and slowly twists upside down around the jojo roll. The unique element is named for the man who sparked the idea, retired VP of Maintenance & Construction Joe Greene. Following the quick climb up the lift, riders are tossed over the top of the steep first drop, down into rock filled canyon and climb up into the inclined dive loop. Following a second dive into the rock canyon, Hydra rockets up into a zero-g roll, giving riders a weightless experience. The train then flips the other other direction as it spirals around the massive first flatspin, and dives down the hillside into the distorted cobra roll. After flipping upside-down twice, riders pass over a twisting hill over the jojo roll. Over a quick bunny hill riders head into the final flatspin, coiling around into the helix and back up to the brakes.

Located in the upper portion of Dorney Park Hydra resides on the land once occupied by the wooden roller coaster Hercules. In continuation of Greek mythology in which Hercules defeated Hydra, Hydra's immortal head has regrown on the shores of Lake Dorney and the monster returned for revenge on Hercules. Hercules was defeated in the winter of 2003-2004, and Hydra has assumed control of the land.

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Hydra the Revenge is for guests 54 inches and taller.

Hydra the Revenge Stats
Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Debut: May 7, 2005
Height: 95 feet (with a 105 foot drop into a trench)
Speed: 53 mph
Inversions: 7
Length: 3,198 feet
Other: Built on the land formerly occupied by Hercules.

Construction Page
Height Requirement: 54" and taller

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