Laser was an 89 foot high double looping steel coaster, designed by Anton Schwarzkopf of Germany. Laser is 2,066 feet long and was relocated to Dorney Park in 1986. Laser was refurbished for the 1999 season with new trains and a new paint scheme, among other improvements.

Laser was located in the lower portion of Dorney Park, at the far end of the lower midway.

Following the 2008 season, Laser was sold to a German fair operator. The ride was refurbished with a new paint scheme, trains and lighting setup, and now operates as Teststrecke (Testtrack) on the German fair circuit.

Laser Stats
Designer: Anton Schwarzkopf
Debut: 1986
Height: 93 feet
Speed: 52 mph
Inversions: 2
Other: Refurbished with new trains and color scheme in 1999.
Height Requirement: 48'' and taller

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