Steel Force

Steel Force was built in 1997 by D.H. Morgan of California. Steel Force is a 200 foot tall steel hyper coaster with a 205 foot drop into a tunnel. Along its 5,600 feet of track riders reach a top speed of 75 mph while encountering a double helix, two tunnels and a series of camelback hills.

One of Steel Force's most popular traits is the series of camelback hills on the return stretch. A series of three hills and a final double-up hill provide "airtime," where riders are lifted out of their seat.

Steel Force is located on the lower portion of Dorney Park. The entrance resides in the back corner of the park, across the creek from Possessed and behind Thunderhawk. The ride itself stretches the entire length of the park, turning around on the hill also occupied by the Thunder Creek Mountain log flume.

Steel Force is for guests 48 inches and taller.

Steel Force Stats
Designer: D.H. Morgan Manufacturing
Debut: 1997
Height: 200 feet (With a 205 foot drop into a tunnel)
Speed: 75 mph
Inversions: 0
Length: 5600 feet
Other: Features two 120 feet long tunnels.
Height Requirement: 48" and taller

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