Talon is a steel inverted coaster which opened in 2001. Talon is 135 feet tall, 3,110 feet long, reaches speeds of 58 mph, and has 4 inversions. It was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) of Switzerland.

Talon is an inverted roller coaster. On inverted coasters, the train is suspended below the track rather than sitting on top, and riders' legs dangle freely below them. The arrangement is generally compared to a ski lift.

On Talon riders encounter four different inversions. First is a 98 foot tall vertical loop. Following the loop is a zero-g-roll, in which the train around a parabolic curve, producing a weightless sensation. Next, riders are dropped into a trench and then taken through an immelmann, which is a type of diving loop designed to mimic maneuvers of stunt pilots. The final inversion on the ride is a flatspin.

Talon also features two helices, one high above the ride entrance and one as a low-to-the-ground finale, and a unique mid-course dive under the lift hill which provides a brief moment of weightlessness for back seat riders.

Talon is located on the upper portion of Dorney Park, near the park entrance. The entrance for the ride is past all the games on the main midway, adjacent to Hang Time.

Talon is for guests 54 inches and taller.

Talon Stats
Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Debut: 2001
Height: 135 feet
Speed: 58 mph
Inversions: 4
Length: 3110 feet
Height Requirement: 54" and taller

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