ThunderHawk is Dorney Park's classic wooden coaster, and is the oldest roller coaster in the park. It was built in 1923 by Herb Schmeck of PTC. ThunderHawk is 75 feet high and 2,767 feet long. Originally designed as an out-and-back coaster, ThunderHawk was reconfigured in 1930 to its current design as a sort of out-and-back with a twisted figure-eight section in the middle.

Originally ThunderHawk was simply known as "The Coaster", but was renamed "ThunderHawk" with the introduction of Hercules in 1989. Also, the ride once had a large building housing the ride's station and bumper cars which has since been removed, leaving a concrete trench the ride passes through before engaging the lift hill.

ThunderHawk is located on the lower portion of Dorney Park, and runs alongside Steel Force.

ThunderHawk is for guests 48 inches and taller.

Thunderhawk Stats
Designer: Herbert Schmeck
Debut: 1923
Height: 80 feet
Speed: 45 mph
Inversions: 0
Length: 2767 feet
Other: Was originally called "The Coaster" until 1989, when it was renamed "Thunderhawk".

Originally was an out-and-back layout, was redesigned to current out-and-back-twister in 1930.
Height Requirement: 48" and taller

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