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Antique Carousel An antique Dentzel carousel greets guests entering the park.

Balloon Race A gentle circular spinning ride that lifts riders off the ground and into flight above the trees.

Cedar Creek Cannonball A relaxing train ride around the perimeter of Thunder Canyon.

Chance Carousel A smaller sized carousel with a traditional band organ.

Ferris Wheel A classic amusement ride giving a great view of the park from the sky.

Road Rally An attraction providing kids a chance to drive a car guided only by a thin track.

Scrambler A classic spinning ride that provides a fun thrill for the whole family.

The Whip One of the oldest rides in the park, this classic ride is still going strong.

Tilt-a-Whirl The staple amusement park spin-and-puke.

Wave Swinger This classic circular swing ride sits prominently on the main midway of Dorney Park.

Zephyr One of Dorney's most valued trasures, this classic train ride takes passengers for a trip around the lower midway of the park.