Hydra the Revenge Possessed
Steel Force Talon
Thunderhawk Wild Mouse
Apollo Demon Drop
Dominator Enterprise
Hang Time Meteor
Monster Musik Express
Revolution Screamin' Swing
Sea Dragon Thunder Creek Speedway
Antique Carousel Balloon Race
Cedar Creek Cannonball Chance Carousel
Ferris Wheel Road Rally
Scrambler The Whip
Tilt-a-Whirl Wave Swinger
Thunder Canyon Thunder Creek Mountain
White Water Landing  
Camp Bus Charlie Brown's Swing
Chuck's Wagon Wheel Flying Ace
Little Convoy Snoopy Bounce
Whirly Birds Woodstock Express
Woodstock's Airmail  
Antique Cars Dragon Coaster
Dune Buggy Kiddie Merry-Go-Round
Mini-Jet Space Age
Steel First