Camp Bus
Aboard this attraction kids take a wild bus ride as their bus makes forward and reverse vertical rotations.
Charlie Brown's Swing
As a miniature version of the Wave Swinger, riders sit suspended from swings, which are spun in a circle.
Chuck's Wagon Wheel
This mini-ferris wheel is themed with the gondolas as a series of chuck wagons.
Flying Ace
This miniature swiging ship ride features Snoopy flying a red plane.
Little Convoy
This ride features a series of monster trucks which kids pretend to drive.
Snoopy Bounce
This giant inflated Snoopy allows kids to bounce around inside on a huge cusion of air.
Whirly Birds
These rotating helicopters give kids some control, allowing them to vary the height of their own helicopter.
Woodstock Express
Woodstock Express was added in 2000 as part of Camp Snoopy. Like many of the rides in Camp Snoopy, this kid friendly coaster was built by Zamperla. Woodstock Express is 15 feet high and 300 feet long. Riders encounter a curving first drop and a descending helix.

Woodstock Express is for guests 42 inches tall.
Woodstock's Airmail
This kid's "freefall" type ride, generically known as a Frog Hopper, features a car which ascends a small tower and bounces its way down.