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Apollo A flatride which spins cars in a circle while swinging in and out.

Demon Drop A hair raising free fall ride.

Dominator A combo freefall tower built by S&S, with one tower that shoots riders up, and one tower that drops them down.

Enterprise A classic thrill ride which spins riders in a high speed vertical loop.

Hang Time This wild thrill ride spins, rocks, flips, and suspends riders over a fountain of water.

Meteor A flatride with two large arms which swing passengers in continuous vertical loops.

Monster A classic thrill ride featuring spinning cars at the ends of tentacle like arms, rotating wildly while moving in a wave motion.

Musik Express A fast paced circular spinning ride full of thrills and music.

Revolution A spinning pendulum ride which has no floor, leaving riders' legs dangling as they swing and spin.

Screamin' Swing This extra-charge attraction takes the swing set to a whole new level.

Sea Dragon This classic swinging pirate ship attraction provides thrills by the boat load.

Thunder Creek Speedway These extra-charge go karts traverse a winding course along the lake.