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Postby Yoshi » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:03 pm

I went to Dorney today for Wildwater Kingdom's final operating day of the season.

I thought it would be somewhat crowded and was not expecting to see the main lot full, 2nd lot full and overflow lot full with cars parking on the grass. That's the fullest I have ever seen the parking lot. The bus lot was empty which helped with crowds.

Wildwater Kingdom had most of the crowds as expected and it was the most crowded I have ever seen the water park. Aqua Blast had a line past the stairs and had to be around an hour. Even smaller slides like Jumpin Jack Splash had a line into a switchback past the stairs. All slides were open as well as both lazy rivers and wave pools. I mostly spent time at Snake Pit and then went to some other non Fast Lane slides later once people started to leave. In 3 hours I rode 18 slides, 1 lazy river and Thunder Canyon. Thunder Canyon had what looked like around a 45 minute wait. I was debating if I was going to buy Fast Lane for next year since the price went up $125 from $100 but after a day like today where I saved hours of time, I think I am going to get it again.

The food lines on both the ride side and water park were bad since it was $1 days. In addition to some merchandise like glasses for $1 and skill games for $1 per try, Crab Fries, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Icees and Ice Cream were all $1 as well.

Ride lines weren't too bad, they were worse than normal Dorney lines but still nothing compared to other parks. Talon, Hydra and Steel Force looked to be around 10 - 15 minutes, Stinger, Thunderhawk and Possessed were probably around 10 and Wild Mouse was probably around 45 minutes. I didn't ride too much on the ride side, just Talon, Steel Force 2 times and Cedar Creek Flyers 2 times.

When I was walking back to the lockers to get my stuff, there was an announcement that select rides were going to be open until 8:30 instead of 8:00 I guess because of the crowds.

Without Wildwater Kingdom, I'm probably not going to be visiting Dorney much the rest of the year, maybe two more times. I just get bored of the park too quickly and would rather go to Hershey, Knoebels or Great Adventure. I just hate having to wait until the end of next May for it to be water park season again.
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