8/10 trip

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8/10 trip

Postby hoany » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:25 am

My wife and I planned to go today even though it was rather hot and humid out. I was wanting to hit the log flume as I haven't been on it since my teen years. For some reason we never went on it the last few years we've been going again.

We arrived about 11:30. We weren't going to do WWK but planned to cool off in the park side where we could. Went in and took a look at Talon, line was down the stairs and into the queue a little bit so we decided to pass. Took our usual ride on the CCC train next.

By this point we were feeling pretty uncomfortable with the heat so we stood on the bridge by White Water Landing for a few boats to come down. Felt great. :D

Went on Hydra next 2nd row with no wait. We then went to the log flume and decided to wait it out since neither of us had been on it in many years. After maybe 15 minutes we were on. It was fun and I'm sure pretty exciting when I was a kid. Nowadays after having ridden Rip Saw Falls, Jurassic River Adventure, etc., it's extremely tame but still a fun ride. We just got a little spray on the drop.

Headed down below, passed up Dominator and hit Possessed with only a one cycle wait. My wife didn't ride so just like last trip I happened to get next to a girl who was riding for her first time, i.e. lots of screaming, she cursed like a sailor too. :shock:

Next we walked down to Steel Force and got on after only a two cycle wait. Wait was a little longer as there was a "clean up" being done in one of the seats. Just curious, how often do these "accidents" happen? Several times a day, once a day?

After that we started heading out about 2:00 but stopped by the bridge for another couple cooling sprays on our way out.

Overall it was very warm but still a fun trip.
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Re: 8/10 trip

Postby Hooky965 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:30 am

Not sure about the frequency during the summer months, but I'm pretty sure that the cleanup is a little more comprehensive than what I saw at a carnival monster ride I saw earlier this year. That one involved a bucket of water and a towel.
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