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Postby AlwaysRidin » Mon May 31, 2010 2:17 am

Headed down for my first trip of the season today. Got there around 5 with my neighbor who doesn't have a season pass so we did the Starlight admission dealio. Parking lot was completely full which I was surprised at. Wildwater Kingdom was jammed with people with the ride side being a little more crowded than usual. Headed over to Talon for the first ride. The wait was about 10 minutes with the line being a little bit past the stairs. We road back row and it was the usual well-paced intense ride. Headed over to Hydra and walked by White Water Landing to see it broken down with people waiting outside the entrance. The wait was past the stairs down a little bit back towards the entrance, again being about a 10 minute wait. Got a ride in Row 4 if I remember correctly. Little bumpy today, but more forceful than it usually is. The annoying screaming of the girl behind me didn't help, though. After we got off we headed over and down the hill past the games to Dominator. We only rode the green side with about a 15 minute wait. The green side is pretty much the normal routine now, I don't think I've ridden red in 2 years or so. Got a real nice pop of air on the way down and the way up gave a nice view of the reconstruction of Demon Drop which is coming along nicely. Hopefully that will open in the coming weeks. After that we took a little break and grabbed a drink at the fries stand next to Dominator. After about 10 minutes we were in a coaster mood again so we headed over to Possessed. On the way over I noticed that the Laser refreshment stand was replaced with a Rita's. Nice! Gotta love Rita's. Possessed's line was under the back spike with about a 15 minute wait. We road the back row and got some solid hang time on the holding brake on the back spike. I was craving some airtime, so we headed over to Steel Force right after. Line was on the stairs with just 1 switchback full. Again, resulted in about a 15 minute wait after switching rows a few times due to once our door not opening and then filling in for people who wanted to ride together. The back is without a doubt where it's at on Steel Force. The floating you get over the first 3 hills is great, with some nice ejector on the bunnies coming back when the trims are biting too hard. We headed over to meet the rest of the gang at Road Rally before heading over to Thunderhawk. Thunderhawk was about a 20 minute wait. I rode front row of the back car. I don't know if something was done to the ride over the winter, but I didn't get that little out of nowhere pop of air on any of the hills. That was a dissapointment and I might not ride it as much this year, but I'll definitely give it another chance. It's a real shame. we headed back over to Steel Force to be greeted with a full set of switchbacks, lovely. To make matters worse, as soon as we got in line, the ride broke down. :roll: Took a little break again and got some fries back by Dominator. I gave the queue a look, but the switchbacks were full. Around 8 the park all of a sudden got packed, must have been from all the people coming over from the waterpark. I already have a low tolerance for lines, but at Dorney I have an even lower tolerance because I never have to deal with them. Walked over to Possessed and gave that a look, but again it was a long line. Steel Force was up and running again, so I walked over to it. Line was on the stairs with no switchbacks being used, it was about a 10 minute wait. I rode the very back row this time, and it was great fun. Went back down to Rita's to score some Cotton Candy water ice, and headed back over to Steel Force for one more ride. The switchbacks were full yet again, but we stuck it out. The line moved quicker than I expected and we were on in 20 minutes. This had to be one of my more fun rides on it. The reactions of some of the people riding were great. The people sitting in front of us thought the ride was over when we hit the midcourse. Needless to say, they weren't too expecting of the drop off of the brakes, and their faces were priceless to say the least. After a walk back over to the Tilt a Whirl, we took a quick spin before it hit 10 and the park closed. We walked up the hill and back towards the entrance to get our drink refilled and take a quick stop at the John. It was a nice visit for my first of the year, I'll probably head back in a few weeks with some buddies of mine.

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Postby Tori_is_neat » Mon May 31, 2010 10:52 am

At Steel Force, all of the gates/"doors" open -- you just have to make sure you pay attention and push. ;)

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Postby Dorneyman27 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:20 pm

I was at the park on Monday 5/31 and the parking lot was surprisingly full, but there were no buses. Most people were at the water park and not too many people were on the ride side.
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Postby AlwaysRidin » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:29 pm

Dorneyman27 wrote:I was at the park on Monday 5/31 and the parking lot was surprisingly full, but there were no buses. Most people were at the water park and not too many people were on the ride side.

Surprisingly there were a decent amount of people on the ride side (and many of them obnoxious, at that). I've noticed the weekend crowds are a lot different than the weekday crowds.

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