7/16 @ WWK @5:45pm

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7/16 @ WWK @5:45pm

Postby dorneydude » Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:49 pm

This was the first trip to WWK for mr this year. I was off from work and figured I'd see if my theory of hitting up WWK a couple of hours before closing was still worthwhile...as far as crowds go. Actually I thought the park closed at 7pm and was thankfull to learn it was open till 8pm...especialy since we arrived late...at 5:45. We entered WWK and quickly unloaded on stuff on a chair by the original wave pool. It was still quite crowded but hell, it was Friday and we are in the midst of very HOT summer. My first experience was not good. We decided to hit the wave pool. One half was closed (did I mention it was Friday, in July, 90+ degrees, quite crowded -I wonder what it takes to get the while thing opened?) and the other half was waaay to crowded as far as I was concerned. After bangiing heads with some folks we high tailed it out of there loudy questioning why the other half was not open...we of course got no repsonses.

We next walked around the whole park...we had fogotten the entrance to the wild river was just across from the wave pool. Never the less it was a nice little tour. By now it was about 6:10 and there was no line at the river tube ride. My daughter and I hopped on a double tube and we were off....but did not get far. It seemed like there were millions of tubes in the river...with no one on them. One dude started throwing them aside just to keep moving. I have no idea why so many tubes were left in the water if no ones was using them.

Next we hit up another tube ride...the one where you kind of float down a few ramps and usually get stuck midway and they pull you down the last ramp with a stick. Its a mild thrill but fun.

Next we tried Cascade (?)...I think. All I know is it was a moderately high extra wide slide that two could go down at once...it has two hills. Somehow I missed this one in the past. It was pretty cool the first time. The second time though we got a lot of air time and flew off the thing on the second hill...I ended up with a kick to the head from my kid's foot. Is this suppose to happen?

Next the newer wave pool. The crowd was thinning by now and this one was not as crowded but seemed a lot smaller than the original one...though the original was half closed so who knows. We stayed here for a calm session and a wave session. A lot of fun.

Next we went to the other river ride...no wait. we did that one twice....always get stuck under those shrooms!

Next it was back to the first tube ride where they shove you down with the stick....for some reason we really like that ride. There were no lines at the orange/yellow/red tubes but my daughter wanted to repeat this ride.

It was now 7:45 so we headed out to the car to exchange flip flops for sneakers ect. It was then I remembered I left my sunglasses by my chair. We returned at 8:10 and the lady begrudgingly left me walk over to the newer wave pool. I retrieved my galsses and thanked her on the way out.

It was a blast and we got thru a lot in couple of hours. I wish each ride had the entrance clearly marked with a picture of the ride. Its hard to tell where to get in line for the rides you want sometimes.

We next decided to take an hour or so and head up to DP. We started with Apollo 2000 then tried to win some candy but lost. They really need to get the dude running that thing out of there. It took him 10 minutes to spin the wheel twice. Next we went to take advantage of our pass holder perk at the ring toss. The girl running the thing was bewlidered. I explained the perk and she said they were not doing that this year. I pointed to blue star directly behind her. No we don't do that. Then I read the sign aloud and said we have played a bunch of times already this season. She begrudgingly handed the smallest handfull of rings I have ever seen....not that we would have won anyway.

Next I heard a clangning and remembered that Demon Droppings should now be open. We road the Cedar Point Poo (see comments in other forum) and then headed towards the ferris wheel but decided to head home....we were getting hungry.

All in all it was a pretty nice evening. I'll have to check if WWK closes at 7pm M-TH.
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Re: 7/16 @ WWK @5:45pm

Postby Yoshi » Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:03 pm

That's too bad you had a problem with the ring game especially with the sign there. It really does seem to depend on the employee rather than a standard amount of rings that you are supposed to get.

Unfortunately WWK does close at 7 Monday - Thursday and early August the 8 closing are done and by mid August the waterpark closes at 6 everyday. I really like the waterslides but unless I can go at a slow time it isn't worth it to me to spend 15 - 20 minutes or more in line for a 30 second slide.
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Re: 7/16 @ WWK @5:45pm

Postby dorneydude » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:02 am

That lady's heart was not into giving the rings--maybe she was new...we got like 10 lousy rings.

The early closing at 7pm just further pi$$es working folks like me off....I guess if you work 9-5 and really like WWK you might as well not buy a pass since you can never get there!

I was at WWK Sunday at 6pm...if was packed...did start to clear by 7pm. I would not have felt comfortable or safe any earlier in the day. For some reason, the big wave pool was fully open this time...but there was only one 5 minute set of waves in the 30+ minutes I was there. We hit up the other one at 7:30 and hung out waiting for one last set of waves...finally at 7:55 I asked if there would be a last set and was told no. I could have hit up a bunch more slides and stuff. I guess they do not want to attract a bunch of folks to the pool right before closing....I won't make that mistake again. This park needs to get its act together. Another forum is posting about low attendance. I feel thats mostly due to the economy but if they keep pi$$ing of the folks who are lucky enough to be able to afford to come then they are really in trouble.
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