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Postby Yoshi » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:20 pm

I haven't been to the park since 2008 on a Friday during the summer but I figured it would be crowded.

It took around 15 minutes to get into the park from Hamilton Blvd. because so many people didn't realize you have to be in the left turning lane and got over making the line of cars barely move even with a police officer manually controlling the light to give the turning lane a very long green arrow.

I got into the park just before WWK opened and went there first. I figured if I started at the back of the park I could go on the slides there before everyone made their way back to that area. After 2 slides on Patriot's Plunge with around 5 minutes of waiting each time, the line was completely down the stairs. I went to Wildwater Rapids next, and got 4 slides waiting a few minutes each time until that line got long too. Just 20 minutes after WWK opened, Patriot's Plunge's line was now past the stairs into the walkway, and the line had to be around 30 minutes.

Jumpin Jack Splash had no wait, so I went there next and got 4 slides before that too got a long line. I stopped at Aqua Racer with a little over a 5 minute wait and walked to Speed Slides. I got 6 slides there since that was the only slide without a crazy wait, it was ranged from no wait to 5 minutes. After that the lines were getting out of control. Not only did Aquablast have almost a full line with both parts of the stairs open with at least a 45 minute wait, Aquaracer's line was no completely down the stairs, on the walkway and they were out of mats so you had to wait in another line to get a mat before you could even get in the 2nd longer line.

When I left the waterpark even more people were walking in. The slides are a lot of fun but waiting in 30+ minute lines for a 20 - 30 second slide is hardly worth it. With no more 8:00 closings this year and the hours changing to 11 - 6 in 10 days, I suggest getting there at opening otherwise you stand no chance of avoiding long waits.

I still managed 17 slides in a little over an hour which I thought was excellent considered how crowded it was.

I went over to the ride side, Talon was a 1 train wait, Hydra was a 2 train wait. Demon Drop looked to be a little over 10 minutes, I decided to go to Dominator instead where I walked right onto the Turbo Drop side. I'd take Dominator over Demon Drop any day, especially when I can walk right on.

Voodoo was a 3 train wait, Steel Force looked to be around 15 minutes and I didn't feel like waiting so I skipped it, same with Thunderhawk, 1 train running so it looked like it was also around 15 minutes so I skipped that too. I walked back to Dominator and walked onto the Space Shot side.

I was kind of tired after only getting 5 hours of sleep so I decided to call it a day. When I left, the first part of the main lot was full and the smaller part divided by the fence was around 1/2 - 2/3 full. I'm sure once WWK closed for the day, the lines on the ride side of the park were very long.
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