5/1 trip

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5/1 trip

Postby hoany » Tue May 03, 2011 8:45 am

Went to the park on Sunday afternoon with my wife. We got there at about 2:30. Lots of motorcycles at the park today. I did Hangtime first. I thought I was going to be the only one on it but then a group of about 15 bikers entered the line. Always a fun ride. Next did Talon with no wait, again always a great ride. We then did the CCC train as its a tradition every trip for us. Went to Hydra next and walked on the last row. Felt like a smooth ride from the back row. I cant remember if I had felt it rough other times in the front or back.

Next we took a walk to check out Planet Snoopy. We were pretty impressed. Everything is so colorful and themed we both mentioned how it reminded us a little of Islands of Adventure, not ride-wise of course but very colorful and cartoony a little like Toon Lagoon is there. We rode the monorail twice. Its a short track but a nice addition to the park for young and old(er) to enjoy. We spent probably close to an hour in Planet Snoopy as it was fun checking out all the new additions.

Next went to Demon Drop for one ride, maybe waited a couple minutes. I try and advise anyone riding in my car with me to lift their head off the headrest before the car uprights itself at the end coming back to the station. People are surprised at how jarring and rough that part is.

At this point we were planning to already be leaving but didn't want to not cover the whole park so we stayed a little longer to do Dominator red, Possessed, Steel Force, and Road Rally. The only one of those with a wait was Road Rally at about 5 minutes.

Overall a great first day of the season to be at the park. Basically no lines, a great new area (Planet Snoopy), and nice weather.
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