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Postby Yoshi » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:09 pm

I hadn't been to WWK in 3 weeks and despite the forecast calling for rain and thunderstorms all day, I decided to go to Dorney and hoped to get at least a few hours of park time in before the rain started.

I had never gotten to the park before opening before and there couldn't have been more than 200 or 300 people waiting to get in. They don't open the gates until park opening and I prefer Great Adventure's method of allowing you into the park and holding you at a rope drop area. I could see it taking a long time to get into the park on a busy day.

There was only 1 open window at the locker rental booth which caused a huge line, I was the 3rd person in line and I bet the people behind me had at least a 15 minute wait even with a 2nd window opening up.

The waterpark was empty, although that was understandable with it in the low 70's and it looking like it could rain any minute.

I won't list each slide but I got a lot of slides in and before going to the dry rides, I went to ride Thunder Canyon twice, a walk on both times. I have not ridden Thundercreek Mountain this year and the little drop before the waterfall was soaking, to the point where I don't think I will ride it anymore unless I am already going to the waterpark that day. There was no wait and I got 2 rides and was going to go to Whitewater Landing but it was broken down.

I decided to go back to the waterpark and got around 12 more slides in. It started raining at one point and I was surprised to see Talon was still running 2 trains and the waterslides didn't close even with the rain picked up. Thankfully it only rained for around 15 minutes and after all the slides, I was exhausted (I walked around 1500 steps in the waterpark) and decided to go ride some coasters.

In just under 3 hours I got 28 slides in, went to the smaller lazy river and went on Thunder Canyon and Whitewater Landing twice each.

The ride side was a little more crowded than the waterpark earlier in the day when I was walking to the water rides on the ride side but still not too bad.

I went to Talon which was a walk on and got 2 rides. I then stopped at Hydra, Thunderhawk, Possessed and Steel Force and got 1 ride each. On the way to Steel Force, I saw someone not allowed to ride the Scrambler because they were a single rider and arguing with the ride op. Cedar Fair needs to get rid of the no single rider policy since it doesn't make any sense to have it in the first place and just gets people angry.

Zephyr had a sign up saying it was closed because of construction on Invertigo (the sign just said 2012 ride) and would reopen later in the day. Monster is almost completely gone from the park and just has a few pieces left in the ride area.

It was good getting another trip to the waterpark with no lines since I know with schools out now, it is going to be packed all the time.
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