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Postby Yoshi » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:32 pm

I decided to go to Dorney for a few hours yesterday. Because WWK fills up fast, I made sure to get there before opening. It was horrible getting into the park. I got to the entrance area around 9:50 with about 30 people in each gates line. They didn't play the National Anthem past 10:00 (I think it should be played a few minutes before 10:00 so they gates can open promptly at 10:00) and only some gates had 1 turnstyle open with a ticket taker while others had 2, so people who got there after me got into the park first. I didn't actually walk into the park until almost 10:15.

Wildwater Kingdom wasn't that crowded at first so I took advantage of that and got 14 slides in and went to Thunder Canyon and White Water Landing. Thunder Canyon had no wait but White Water Landing had the longest wait I have ever seen for it, about 10 minutes.

After that, I went to the ride side of the park. The security guard at the area where you enter to go on the path to WWK is supposed to stop people from walking into the park in bathing suits but wasn't doing a good job today. No one was being stopped from entering the rides area wearing just a bathing suit including 1 guy wearing a speedo.

I went to Talon first, 1 train wait. It felt more forceful than normal today, maybe because of the heat and humidity.

Wild Mouse looked to have a 45 - 60 minute wait. No way is that worth it, and what makes it worse is the Dark Knight could have the same line and it would be 15 minutes at the most.

Hydra had what looked like at least a 15 minute wait. There were a ton of camp trips in the park, more than normal which looked like contributed to the crowds on the ride side.

I stopped at Apollo next which was a mistake. I felt really dizzy afterwards and had a slight headache. I won't be riding it again any time soon.

Thunderhawk had only 1 train running as usual for a weekday and the line looked to be around 25 - 30 minutes. Like Hydra I didn't feel like waiting and went to Steel Force.

Steel Force's line was on the stairs but with no switchbacks used it was around a 10 minute wait. I stopped at Possessed, which was a little less than 10 minutes, walked by Hydra and saw it still had a line and decided to stop at Talon again. This time it was a 3 train wait because there was a huge camp group in the station.

From Talon, I saw WWK was more crowded but not too bad (it looked to be around 15 minutes for Patriot's Plunge and Wildwater Rapids). Both sides of Dominator were closed the entire time I was at the park and they had people working on the ride.

Zephyr is still being closed during the day for Invertigo construction.

Overall it was a good trip, the horrible heat and humidity made it uncomfortable so spending time in WWK was better than the ride side today.
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