7/17 trip - Busy

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7/17 trip - Busy

Postby hoany » Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:14 am

My wife and I were in the area and weren't planning to go to the park but decided to stop in quick. We pulled in around 5:00 and the main lot was pretty full with cars also in the overflow lot. We decided to pass but on our way out noticed a car leaving 1 row from the entrance so we changed our mind and went in. Lots of buses in the lot with people having tables set up and eating. It was also pretty warm. We saw one person getting medical attention in the parking lot, not sure what happened but I heard the person asking for water.

We got in and as expected it was pretty crowded on the walkways. I passed on Talon and Hydra as they had lines. Not long lines but I'm so used to walk ons I didn't feel like waiting. We normally eat before or after our park visits but didn't plan for it this time so we got a slice of pizza each (at Pizza Patio I think) at $4.50 a slice I think it was. I saw Demon Drop operating then it was down for a bit by the time we got down there so skipped that too. Did Dominator once with only a 1 cycle wait. Next we stopped and watched the 3 point basketball game for a while. There was no shortage of contestants today, at least while we were there. After that we passed on Possessed which had a line maybe 20 or 30 people out of the station. Finished up with a ride on Steel Force with only a 2 train wait. They ran a train out empty which caused the line to grow a little just as we entered the station. Not sure why.

We were only in the park about 2 hours and headed out. We saw another person getting medical attention with an ice pack on their face on our way out. The lines weren't fun but it was nice to see the park so busy and full of life for a change. We normally would only go on a weekday in July or August when we can so I'm not sure if this is a typical Sunday afternoon for this time of year? Anyone know if there was a special gathering going on or is this amount of buses typical for a weekend in the Summer?
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Re: 7/17 trip - Busy

Postby PepsiFan01 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:26 am

It's typical for this time of year. It's peak season right now and there are a lot of out of state bus trips. Sundays used to be my least favorite day to work. South Whitehall was a frequent visitor. For some reason, there were always weird problems on Sundays, much more than Saturdays.
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