Tuesday 7/10/12

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Tuesday 7/10/12

Postby Dorneyman27 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:50 pm

I didn't have to work this past Tuesday and decided to go to Dorney Park. The weather was upper 80s all day and sunny which is perfect weather in my opinion. We started in Wildwater Kingdom. For the first hour there were no lines in the entire water park. So we went to the most popular ones first like Aquablast, Aqua Racer, Lightning Falls, Patriot's Plunge, and some of the body slides. Next we went over to Thunder Canyon which had no wait and then over to White Water Landing which had a five minute wait. Then we went back to the water park to do some wave pools and lazy rivers. Next we went on more slides. The afternoon was more crowded than the morning, but the lines were still kind of short. We did almost everything in the waterpark 2 or 3 times by 4pm.

At that time we went over to the rides side. Talon was broken down, but I don't know why. So we went on Hang Time and Hydra and then to the Snoopy Ice show which was the same as last year with only a few changes. Talon was operating again and we rode on that with a 10 minute wait. A lot of people were coming over from Wildwater Kingdom and the after 5pm admission. We decided to go down to Dominator and Demon Drop. Each had short waits. Thunder Hawk was a 3 train wait for the 3rd row. We went on Steel Force twice with only 1 train waits. Stinger was a 5 minute wait. I still like Stinger. Getting Stinger is better than what other Cedar Fair parks got. Possessed was next. We ended the day with Talon. It was a great day and no crowds. We will be at the park again on Saturday with more family members and friends.
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