10/28/12, Closing Day, Stuck on Hydra

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10/28/12, Closing Day, Stuck on Hydra

Postby Yoshi » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:19 pm

A few weeks ago, I realized I never posted my trip report for closing day since I originally planned to post it the day after the trip but with Hurricane Sandy and losing power I forgot about it. Normally at this point I wouldn't have bothered writing a report but because it was an unusual trip, I thought I'd still post the report.

I expected the Friday night trip to Great Adventure on the 26th to be my final coaster trip of the season with an 80% chance of rain on Sunday but with the rain holding off until at least later at night, I decided to go to Dorney.

As expected, the lot was practically empty. There were maybe 200 cars in the lot. I wonder if they closed early. I can't imagine more people came to the park for Haunt and they would have to be losing money to pay all the Haunt actors and staff and the ride ops.

Talon was first with no wait (along with everything else in the park). It's still my favorite coaster in the park and I got a 2nd ride.

I normally skip Wild Mouse with the braking being so strong and the long wait it usually has, but since there was no one in line I stopped for a ride.

I had only ridden Hydra 3 times this season so decided to stop there next. There were only 2 other people on the train. As the train got to the top of the lift, it stopped. I didn't think anything of it since I have have been on coasters before where the coaster stops on the lift for a minute or two. When I saw some ride ops climb the stairs, I knew it would be longer than a couple of minutes.

We were told that there was a problem with the other train (I couldn't tell if the other train was back into the station or not). They stayed up there and talked to us, I guess to keep our minds off of the train being stuck. They were asking what our favorite rides were at the park, favorite coaster etc. I was glad there were only 2 other riders on the train since if we did have to be evacuated, it wouldn't take as long compared to a full train of riders.

One of the ride ops asked me (and I guess the other 2 riders since they were in a different row), if I wanted to be evacuated off the ride or stay on the ride and was told it would be 3 times faster to stay on the ride. I said I'd rather stay on the ride then. If they had said it would be hour, I might have said I'd rather be evacuated.

The total breakdown was a little over 10 minutes and wasn't too bad (other than it being cold at the top of the lift) but being stuck on Stinger for 90 minutes would be a lot worse because of the restraints or facing down.

When the ride started up again, it was the slowest ride on Hydra I had ever had. It was probably a combination of the cold weather, wind, only 3 riders in the train and the train being right at the top of the lift when the lift hill started again but the train went through the course very slowly and at some points I was wondering if it would make it through the course or valley. On the plus side, there was no vibrating or rattling during the ride.

When we got back to the station, a supervisor was there apologizing for the delay.

I stopped at Dominator riding both the Turbo Drop and Space Shot sides and walked past Demon Drop. I didn't ride Demon Drop once this season because of how painful it is and with what I think is a way better drop tower ride right near it.

Thunderhawk had some people waiting for the front so I went for the last car, middle row so I could get a non wheel seat.

Steel Force was next, I got 2 rides with my 2nd ride being in the front row since it was only 1 extra train wait. Even though I like Nitro a lot more than Steel Force, it is still a really great coaster.

I skipped Stinger after what happened with Hydra and because I had ridden the coaster a week ago. I only ended up riding Stinger 6 times this season mostly because of the constant breakdowns, and valleying that the ride had. I hope it is more reliable next year but I'm not expecting it to be since it seems like the Invertigo coasters are flawed designs.

I stopped at Possessed going to the last row and then went to the top of the park to go back to Talon for 2 more rides. That 2nd ride on Talon ended up being my final coaster ride of the year.

Overall, I had an ok season at Dorney. As usual, the highlight for me was Wildwater Kingdom which I like a lot more than the ride side and I was disappointed with the 2012 addition to the park (I won't elaborate on that since everyone here knows how I feel about Stinger), especially compared to what Great Adventure added this year and that is where I spent more of my time this year (22 trips to Great Adventure compared to 14 trips to Dorney). It was still nice knowing that for the most part there wouldn't be lines for the coasters whenever I went though.
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Re: 10/28/12, Closing Day, Stuck on Hydra

Postby nathanaelerik » Wed May 29, 2013 12:14 pm

Good trip report.

I only rode Stinger twice last season. Both of my rides on it were horrible experiences. Nothing bad happened, it just proved to be a horrible ride. :?

Been to the park this year three times and skipped it everytime.

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