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Postby Yoshi » Thu May 30, 2013 11:23 pm

No photos today since my phone was in a locker almost the entire time I was there.

It's been exactly 9 months since I was last in WWK and was really looking forward to it opening again this year.

The parking lot wasn't crowded but there were a lot of school groups mostly on the ride side.

When I went to get a season pass discount on the locker the cashier was hesitant to give me the discount because they said there was no year on the pass. I don't know if the new passes have a year on them or not but I have been using the same season pass since 2011 (online instant renewal). I did get the discount but hope that won't be a problem on future visits.

No slides had more than a 5 minute wait except Aquablast which looked like it was around a 20 minute wait.

The cubbies near Aquablast and Patriot's Plunge have been removed so now you have to leave flip flops near the entrance to the ride. When it isn't crowded that is ok but on a day when the park is very crowded I could see it being a problem.

I started at Patriot's Plunge hoping to go to the red slide first which is my favortie in WWK. Unfortunately it was closed because there was no lifeguard on that side. I rode the blue slide twice and went to Wildwater Rapids, getting 2 slides each on blue and orange and 1 slide on yellow.

Island Water Works had 1 tipping bucket not working and the other bucket took over 5 minutes to fill instead of the 2 - 3 minutes it normally takes.

The 2nd wavepool and smaller lazy river were closed which is usual this time of year.

At Aquaracer they weren't allowing shirts to be worn. I hope that isn't a rule change and hopefully it was just the lifeguard not knowing shirts can be worn (they have been allowed since the ride opened in 2007).

I went to Jumpin Jack Splash riding the blue slide once and yellow and orange twice each.

Next I went to the ride side and rode Thunder Canyon with no wait. They were loading rafts from all 6 loading areas which was nice to see with crowds low. White Water Landing also had no line and neither did Thunder Creek Mountain. You get soaked on Thunder Creek Mountain so I only ride it when I am going to the waterpark the same day. It was strange for it to be my first Log Flume ride of the year since Saw Mill Log Flume hasn't opened yet (or at least hasn't since my last trip to Great Adventure).

I went back to WWK and saw all 3 slides at Patriot's Plunge were open so I rode the red slide 4 times, blue once and white twice. There was 30 minutes until closing and I was going to go back to Wildwater Rapids but I was starting to get tired from all the stair climbing. Patriot's Plunge is 82 stairs and climbing them 7 times in 15 minutes after all the other stair climbing was enough for the day.

I went back to the ride side and went to Talon with no wait. I skipped Hydra thinking I would stop there on the way back to the entrance and went to the Turbo Drop side of Dominator with no wait. The Space Shot side had no riders.

Thunderhawk had 2 people waiting for the front row and Steel Force had an almost empty station but I waited 1 extra train for the front row.

I was going to go for another Steel Force ride, stop at Possessed and go to Hydra and then Talon again but after already being tired and with it still over 90 degrees out, I decided to leave.

Some of the game stands had Looney Tunes characters as prizes. I felt like I was at Great Adventure for a second when I saw Taz and Tweety.

I hope to get back to Dorney at least one more time before school lets out since this is the only time of the year when you can be almost sure that there will be no lines in WWK.
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Re: 5/30/13

Postby nathanaelerik » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:48 am

The new passes do not have a year on them, they simply say THRILLS CONNECT and they made them really like... fancy looking. They look really nice. I have an old one but my mom got a pass this year and their nice.
A season pass is a season pass... what the heck would be a difference? And i didnt know you got discounted lockers, whats the discount?

and no photos? What kinda bullshi... just kidding.

Re: 5/30/13

Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:08 pm

I'm guessing they thought maybe I wasn't a pass holder anymore and was trying to use an old pass that wasn't active.

You get $2 off a small locker with a season pass so its $11 plus $4 deposit. I wish they had a season long locker option since its annoying to spend $11 everytime I go to WWK. I used to use the one time use lockers near Thunder Canyon and WWL but I has a lot of problems with them eating money or getting jammed up that it became a pain so I started using the all day lockers after that.
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