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Postby Yoshi » Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:39 pm

I was near Allentown today and decided to stop at Dorney for a couple of hours.

Since there was no Haunt, the park closes at 8 and wasn't crowded as expected.

Talon was first with 2 trains running. No wait except for the front so I went to the back row and walked around waiting 3 trains for the front row.

Hydra was only running 1 train and I went to the last row waiting 1 train. It seemed to be running better today.

Next was Dominator Turbo Drop with no wait. Thunderhawk had most rows with people waiting so I went for the 2nd row of the 1st car. Now wth Rolling Thunder closed, this will be the only wooden coaster with Buzz Bars I'll ride on a regular basis. It was a little rough but not too bad.

Steel Force also had 2 trains running with the station about half full. I went to the last row and walked around for a front row ride with a 2 train wait.

I skipped Stinger as usual (I have only ridden Stinger twice this year) and Possessed with no wait for the last row.

I went back to Dominator having a solo ride on the Turbo Drop side and then going to the Space Shot side. The Space Shot felt really weak after riding the Double Shot at Playland's Castaway Cove last week.

I finished the trip at Talon which was now running 1 train. I didn't feel like waiting an extra 2 trains for the front so I went to the last row again.

It was another good trip to Dorney especially with no lines as usual.
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