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Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:51 pm

Now that Snake Pit is open, I went to Dorney today mostly spending time in Wildwater Kingdom.

Thunder Canyon had about a 10 minute wait and it's always funny to hear people think you will stay dry if you can avoid the waterfalls not realizing it's impossible to avoid them and everyone gets completely soaked. White Water Landing and Thunder Creek Mountain had no wait.

Island Water Works was repainted and looks great and most of the elements/effects are now working. The blue bucket was taking a lot time to fill up before tipping over.

I went to the tube slides at Snake Pit first since they had around a 5 minute wait most of the day. The Boa Blasters are regular tube slides and have some color rings in the middle that are cool to see when you slide past them. They seemed very similar to Patriot's Plunge with one slide having a large final drop and the other having a double down just like the white and red slides at Patriot's Plunge and they both only have a few twists before getting to the drops. They were still good slides though.

The Constrictor slide was fun with the tube going high up the wall of the slide on the turns and was my favorite of the 3 tube slides.

I waited until later in the day to try Python Plummet when the wait was around 10 minutes. I chose the red slide since that looked like it was a longer slide than the other 2. You walk into the capsule and the door closes automatically when the lifeguard presses a button. There is a countdown you hear before the floor drops. You move fast through the slide and I could barely keep my eyes open from all the water hitting your face. It was fun and is a once a trip slide for me especially with the long lines it will likely have.

The smaller lazy river and larger wave pool were closed most of the day and opened at 5:00, which I wasn't expecting since Wildwater Kingdom closes at 6:00/

On the ride side, no rides had a wait except Wild Mouse. I rode Talon three times, Hydra once, Dominator Turbo Drop, Demon Drop, Thunderhawk, Possessed twice and Steel Force twice.

At Thunderhawk they had the entire back half of the train chained off and at Steel Force they were running 3 trains and only loading 2 trains. I'm not sure what the reason was for this since they rarely run 3 trains on a weekday and with 3 trains, you really slam into the final brake run which I wasn't expecting.

It was a great day at Dorney.
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