Dorney Park Haunt VII Review

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Dorney Park Haunt VII Review

Postby dorneyflynn » Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:01 am

I visited dp yesterday, October 11th, I rode all the rides basically until 7 then went to all the haunts. The park got crowded around 7 when the haunt began but all the lines went by pretty quick.
The reviews are based on the order of which we went to them.
Bloodshed- good actors and good theme. I love this hillbilly theme and the actors really worked with each other. In the one room, we went in a got scared by about 4 actors making us walk in a zig zag. The only complaint is to have more actors in the maze. The entire outside area there were no actors at all. It might have been the fact that we were the first ones to go in but hopefully it was scarier for other people.
Rate- 8/10
CornStalkers- One of my favorites as usual. It is so long and the cornstalks are so tall. Again, i would like more actors in it because there were alot of dead space. also the music didnt fit at all and wasnt scary.
Rate- 9/10
Cut Throat Island- Good actors but pirates in here arent that scary. And other guests ruined it because they think its funny to mock them.
Rate- 6/10
Desolation- This was by far the most disappointing. There was literally about 5 actors throughout the whole thing. I hope they step this one up because i love the theme.
Rate- 7/10
Carnevil- My favorite scare zone. The actors are great and they always team up on you to scare you. Congrats to them because they were running around all night!
Rate- 9/10
Age of Darkness- Not that many actors in this one and would prefer the scare zone to be along the path under Thunderhawk rather than where Death Trap was. They can put a ride there instead.
Rate- 7/10
Grave Walkers- also one of my favorites. I love the cemetery- zombie theme.
Rate- 9/10
Asylum- great maze! i wish there were more actors again and this was the longest wait.
Rate/ 8/10
Head Hunters- Great theme! i only wish they opened it to the entire midway and not just that half section. If you are to scared to go through it, why are you at the Haunt? And i dont like that dorney blocks out that entire section so you cant see up- close the people on possessed.
Rate- 8/10
Mansion House Hotel- Great maze! the detail is amazing and its ont of my favorites.
Rate- 9/10
Chamber of Horros- my favorite of the night. I love the theme. this was the only maze where there was an actor or two in every room. And i LOVE the soundtrack. If anyone knows the names to the music in that maze please tell me!!!!!!
Rate- 10/10
The only thing i wish as a whole is that there should have been more actors in every maze. the disappointment in the whole thing was not enough actors. But hopefully next year is even more scarier. I hope they dont get rid of anything because everything is perfect besides stuff that needs some rehab. The only thing i wouldnt care about leaving is Blackout. That theme is just not interesting. Maybe they could add a building behind Thunderhawk for another maze? I would like to see something with toys maybe? of vampires? (NOT CLUB BLOOD)

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