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Postby Yoshi » Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:33 pm

I got to Dorney around 6:20, and the lot wasn't crowded. I know it's Dorney and there aren't going to be lines but for Friday of Columbus Day weekend, I expected more people to be at the park.

There were fog machines all over the park, not just in the scare zones and mazes / trails. In some areas of the park like near Stinger, it was difficult to see with the fog and lights turned off.

Thunderhawk's trim brake was turned off. Combined with the fog it was a really cool ride and going through the bunny hills faster was great and made it much better than normal.

The Haunt attraction lines were the shortest I have seen in some time. Trick or Treat had maybe 20 people in line when I walked past it around 8:00.

I rode Zephyr for the first time this season and the ride operator really was informative about the history of the park as the train went past various areas where former attractions were.

Even with nothing more than a station wait, Talon, Hydra and Steel Force were all running 2 trains.

There were scare actors all over the park and not just in the scare zones.

Great Adventure may have gotten rid of Ghoul Repellent but not Cedar Fair. They are still selling No Boo Necklaces for $12 (up from $5 the past few years) and I saw a decent amount of people walking around the park with them.

Ride Count:
Talon, 2
Hydra, 1
Wild Mouse, 1
Dominator Green, 1
Whip, 1
Thunderhawk, 1
Possessed, 1
Zephyr, 1
Cedar Creek Flyers, 2
Steel Force, 2
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