Great Adventure 8/19/13

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Great Adventure 8/19/13

Postby Yoshi » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:26 pm

I decided to go to Great Adventure yesterday for the last 5 hours the park was open.

The lot looked very crowded and walking into the park it looked like Superman and Green Lantern were around an hour wait.

The Dark Knight was first, 15 minute wait time from when I got in line to getting to the loading platform. The signs in the tunnel were somewhat working, they were turning on and off every few seconds.

Nitro's line was in the 3rd switchback, and was just over a 30 minute wait. When entering the line, I heard the ride op at the entrance tell someone it was a 90 minute wait. I knew there was no way that was possible with 3 trains running.

Skull Mountain had what looked like a 30 minute line and Blackbeard's had around a 20 minute wait. Both were not worth it so I skipped them and went to check out Kingda Ka's line. At the entrance the ride op said it was a 2 hour wait. The switchbacks were full and part of the overflow queue (that goes back toward the ride) was being used and I estimated it to be around 45 minutes to an hour. If the line moved fast I was going to wait thinking if it was less than 45 minutes I would stay but after waiting in line for around 5 minutes and barely moving, I left and went to Plaza Del Carnaval.

It was weird to walk into the area and not see or hear El Toro running. I checked out Rolling Thunder's line and and it was almost to the entrance with no switchbacks used. In the mid 90's, that was just over 20 minutes but with the slower dispatches the past few years, I figured it was around 45 minutes so decided to try later and went to Tango since there was no line.

Surprisingly, the Log Flume had a 15 minute wait so I went there and Runaway Mine Train with a 1 train and then a 2 train wait. The Skyway originally had both sides open but they had one side closed and were still loading both sides at the Fort since they had to send those cars back to the station anyway so it was only a 2 minute wait. At the Dream Street station, the line looked to be at least 30 minute with only 1 side open.

I decided to try Skull Mountain again and it was down to a station wait. Nitro's line was just past the 60 minute sign and was around 20 minutes.

Even though it was more crowded than I would have liked, I still managed to get a decent amount of rides in so it was still a good trip to the park.

I also saw they are already selling Fright Fest Terror Trail season pass options already at the booth in the Boardwalk where you buy tickets for the go karts and Slingshot. I think the pricing was $20 for unlimited trails and $60 for unlimited trails with front of the line access but I'm not 100% sure since I didn't read the sign that closely.
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