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Postby phillydude » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:20 pm

First trip of the season. Arrived around 11am on Sunday, ignored the sheep following blindly along in the parking lot, and pulled right up in the front row in the section in front of the old picnic pavilion/new ice rink (surprised that it's not open yet!). No line at all to process season passes, got our cards and had them check the height of my nine-year-old son... 53 & 7/8ths inches wearing his Converse All Stars... I will make sure he wears his running shoes (which have a little heel) and he'll be good to go next weekend. Anyway, we headed into the park and younger son picked the Wild Mouse as our first ride. Since there were only twenty people or so in line, I agreed, even though I hate that ride. Then it was off to ride Hydra. No wait, first row walk on. But my eleven-year-old son got stung by a bee while we were riding, so back out to First Aid for treatment (fortunately he's not allergic).

Back in the park, we strolled down to the far end toward Steel Force (my older son has been talking about riding that the whole trip up to Dorney), stopping to check out the Sam Adams "beer garden" (is that new this year?) and bought our soda mug for the season. I almost pulled the trigger for the extra $5 all-day refill option, but decided against it for that particular visit. Both the boys love to ride Monster, so they got in line... and as soon as they were seated, the skies opened up and it started POURING for the entire time they were on the ride. When they got off (soaked to the bone, as was I waiting for them on a bench) we walked back to try Revolution for the first time ever. It was still raining, but it was still running (Possessed and Steel Force had been shut down - strike one for SF) and we were the only ones on it. My younger son freaked a little the first time we rode, but the second time he was totally cool with it. Thunderhawk had restarted by then, so we did that and then headed up to Just Tacos for lunch (I love the fact that we can all eat for under $10 total there!) and another soda.

At that point, older son wanted to try Steel Force again (which was back up and running), but younger son wanted to go to the waterpark and cool off (very humid day with the rain and sun mixing it up). Older son won out, so back we went to the far corner of the park. Younger son and I waited while he got in line... and the skies opened up again. he came back down the exit ramp... evidently he was seated and ready to go when they closed the ride and sent everyone down off the platform (strike 2 for SF). By the time we got from there back to the midway, however, the rain had stopped again and they were running Possessed empty (I assume to dry the brakes). So we popped into line and were quick to board once it reopened a few minutes later. My younger son was TERRIFIED going into the queue, and was actually crying when we boarded... "I don't want to do this!" But once it was over, he admitted "That was pretty cool" and said he would go on it again next trip.

We backtracked through the park to WWK, and headed right to Runaway River in the middle of the park. Took our time on that, then made a quick trip down Riptide Run and headed over to Aquablast, the longest wait of the day at about ten minutes. The boys took a few runs on Patriots Plunge while I gathered our things, and we headed out the back entrance and right onto Thunder Canyon. It started pouring again as we came over the grate bridge across the lagoon, so Talon was closed by the time we got there, but Hang Time was running in the rain, and since my older son and I hadn't ever ridden that either, we took advantage of the opportunity to walk-on. Wow... that's an interesting ride.

At this point, my older son was really getting anxious to get on Steel Force, so once more down the hill and into the far reaches of Dorney, just as the skies threatened again. Fortunately, he got his ride in before the next wave of the storms hit, but it got torrential as we walked back towards the front of the park one last time, making it the third trip up the hill and the third time walking against the rivers of runoff that cascaded through the park each time it rained. By then, it was getting close to 5pm (we had planned to meet my parents at the Trivet Diner at 6pm), but Talon was coming back online and the swings were reopening, so my younger son took a few rides on those while my older son and I went onto the last coaster of the day (front row walk-on as we were in the front of the queue when it repoened). We made the most of a fairly-empty park, battled through the rain (hell, we were wearing bathing suits anyway, so it didn't really matter), and we're ready for a good season. Next trip is this Saturday, when we'll be staying from open to close, and taking advantage of the season pass holder $9.99 special on the Backyard BBQ for dinner.

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Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:14 pm

Sounds like you got a lot done considering how bad the weather was.
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