Fireworks 9/5/10

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Fireworks 9/5/10

Postby Dorneyman27 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:05 pm

I was busy so I didn't have time to type this until now. I got to the park around 2:00 pm. We parked on the side lot near Possessed. If we would have came 15 minutes later we would have been on the overflow lot. First we headed to Talon for a wait down the stairs. The line moved very fast. Next we waited one cycle for Hang Time and two cycles for Waveswinger. After that we went to Hydra for a two train wait. After Hydra we stopped at Dominator for a 10 minute wait for the red side. We skipped Demon Drop because the queve was just about full. We waited another 10 minutes for Possessed on a row in the middle. We rode Steel Force next which had two trains running and an 8 minute wait. Then we rode Steel Force again and then Revolution. Thunderhawk was after that for a walk on with two trains running.

We ate at Patio Pizza for dinner. Next we headed to Snoopy Rocks at 6:00 pm. We got in there 10 minutes early. The show started late because it took time for people to find a seat. There was only one empty seat around us. Some people couldn't watch the show because they ran out of seats. We got jackets from the car because it was getting cooler. The park was a lot more crowded as Wildwater Kingdom emtied out. Possessed looked to have a 25-30 minute wait as we walked by going to Steel Force. We rode Steel Force twice which had three trains running. It was only a ten minute wait. That was the first time I saw it run three trains. Steel Force and Revolution had to close early because of fireworks, but Steel Foce was open until 8:00.(The posted time was 7:30.) We waited 30 minutes for Zephyr to ride at night before the fireworks.

We bought some icecream and walked up to the Ferris Wheel to see the fireworks. The show was great. It was 25 minutes long and the best fireworks show I have ever seen. After the fireworks we left, but a lot of people had that same idea. It took us 25 minutes to get off the lot. They had us go through the overflow lot to an exit out there. When we left there were still a lot of cars on the lot.

So we enjoyed the day. I will be going back this Sunday to take advantage of no lines and then soon it will be the Halloween Haunt!
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