Great Adventure, 9/20/13

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Great Adventure, 9/20/13

Postby Yoshi » Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:28 pm

I was looking forward to going to the park Friday night all week since I was expecting low crowds and getting a lot of coaster rides in. Thankfully, crowds were very low, even less crowded than opening night.

After getting in early through the Premium Passholder entrance, I went to Nitro first as always but it wasn't open yet since they were still testing the ride. Rather than wait around, I went to Batman instead which was open. The station only had 2 people waiting for the front row and I also went to the front row. It was less intense in the front compared to riding in row 7 the week before. Since the station was completely empty, I stayed in my seat and the other 2 people went to the last row. On the lift hill, I saw Nitro had opened and went there next.

I saw 2 trains were running but with low crowds, it wouldn't have made sense to run 3 trains. I chose row 8 since that was the only row without anyone waiting and the train had an issue with it that caused them to take it off the tracks and inspect it. This took around 15 minutes including time to put the train back on the track and add the 3rd train. It was one of the worst Nitro rides I have ever had with the ride really running rough, to the point where I didn't get back in line for another ride even with the line only halfway down the stairs. If I had time, I was going to try the ride later in the day but never got back there.

Both sides of the Skyway were open with no one in line for either side. Bizarro was running 3 trains with a mostly empty station. Like at Batman, 2 people were waiting for the front row so I went there and it was great to sit in the front row and get the floorless effect. I moved to the back row for a re-ride and then the 5th row for another ride.

Runaway Mine Train was next with no wait. After that I went to Best of the West, went back to Runaway Mine Train and then walked over to Rolling Thunder to see if anything had been done. The only changes I saw were a bench in front of the entrance and a "This ride is closed today" sign at the beginning of the queue.

Kingda Ka, along with the other coasters now have overflow queues setup. Kingda Ka with a full queue has got to be close to 2 hours and I can't imagine waiting that long for the coaster, let alone waiting in an overflow queue. Tonight like everything else, there was basically no wait with a 1 to 2 train wait at the most unless you wanted the front row. I was able to get 4 rides in around 20 minutes. 2 trains were running with 1 train being looked at by mechanics on the other side of the station and the 4th train on the transfer tracks with some of the ride shell missing. The 4th train usually taken apart so I was surprised to see it even put together at all. I wonder if they are going to consider going back to running 4 trains in the future.

The parachutes had 3 sides open with no wait and Green Lantern also had no wait. One person was waiting for the front row and I rode there first and then went to the back row for a re-ride. Superman had a 1 train wait and I got the back row.

Blackbeard's is back to giving 2 laps again. Maybe they only give 2 laps on less crowded days now?

Skull Mountain had no wait either and Shelby was at the controls. As usual, I went to the last row for the great airtime on the first drop.

The Dark Knight just had a wait to get into the pre-show. A service light was on near the billboards. The clowns in the vehicle at the end of the ride are working again with the headlights turning on and a horn sounding when the coaster car passes them.

I was going to try Nitro again but it had broken down and went back to Batman with no wait and just crowded enough that I had to walk around for another ride. It was around 9:30 and even though I would have liked to have stayed another 90 minutes until closing, I had to wake up early on Saturday and didn't get home until almost 11:00 leaving at that time.

It was another awesome trip to the park.
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