Hercules was a massive wooden coaster designed by Curtis Summers and built by the Dinn Corporation. As a result of low popularity and increasingly high maintenance costs, Hercules was removed at the close of the 2003 season, and replaced with Hydra the Revenge for 2005. Here you will find photos from the removal of Hercules.

For more information on Hercules check out the ride guide here.

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Here it can be seen that the final turn is mostly down. The drop remains standing. A truck breaks up wood structure and moves debris.
The final picture for this update, an updated view of the skyline from the front end of the park. A bit closer on the previous shot. Another look at the mess of the final turn coming down.
The drop still stands! Looking at the mostly destroyed final turn.  Note the crew around the base of the drop. Twisted, tangled and mangled piles of wood.
Crews at work around the ride. A side view of where the final turn once stood.  The track coming up the hill from the turn over the lake still stands. The twisted structure of the final turn.

The drop remains as of this update, though the track that had been hanging off the top previously was removed. The final turn is almost completely down, and most likely was totally down by the end of the day. The turn over the lake and track up the hill from it, as well as the far turn over Thunder Creek Mountain and behind Joker still stand.

Thanks to bowzer & bubba for the photos in this update!

*All photos were taken outside the park.*

The lift hill is now completely gone, leaving only the drop standing tall. Lots of smashed up, broken wood.  Photo by bowzer & GGG. The drop sits behind Steel Force's dormant helix.  Photo by bowzer & GGG.
Zooming in a the top of the drop through Steel Force's helix.  Photo by bowzer & GGG. Zoomed in on the top of the drop.  Photo by bowzer & GGG. The far turn around is still standing.  Photo by bowzer & GGG.
The drop is all remains visible from in front of the park.  Photo by bowzer & GGG. Zoomed in we can see what remains at this end of the site.  Notice the truck to the left of the drop removing debris. The wall that stood behind Steel Force's helix for its entire life is now completely gone.  Also notice that the far turnaround is still standing.
How long before all of this is gone too? Here's a side view of what is left. Zoomed in we can see the track coming up from the lake and the final turn have not been touched (at least not noticeably) yet.
As I was leaving, the piece of structure at the very left was about to be broken off. Here it can be seen that track was removed from the final turn around. Photo by bowzer & GGG. The drop stands at the end of the day.  Photo by bowzer & GGG.

The lift hill is now completely gone, leaving the drop standing all alone. A truck was working where the final drop into the brakes once stood, removing debris and working on ripping out a section of the structure.

On 11/16/03 8 additional photos were added to this update, contributed by bowzer & GGG.

*All photos were taken well outside the park.*

The lift hill is gone! Photo by HighSpeedThrillCoaster. A close up of the lift hill.  Photo by HighSpeedThrillCoaster. The parts going into and out of the final turn as well as the track coming up from the lake curve are all gone.  Photo by HighSpeedThrillCoaster.
A close-up of the previous picture.  Photo by HighSpeedThrillCoaster.   

As of 11/12/03, Hercules' lift hill is simply no more. A few other areas were removed as well. Special thanks to HighSpeedThrillCoaster for the pictures.

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