Hercules was a massive wooden coaster designed by Curtis Summers and built by the Dinn Corporation. As a result of low popularity and increasingly high maintenance costs, Hercules was removed at the close of the 2003 season, and replaced with Hydra the Revenge for 2005. Here you will find photos from the removal of Hercules.

For more information on Hercules check out the ride guide here.

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Both trains are completely gone from the area. A mechanic was working early in the day on removing something under the tracks.  It looked like part of the brakes or electrical system. The security camera that overlooked the queue has been removed.

By closing day 2003, work has finally started on the removal of Hercules. Both trains are gone, and other bits and pieces were also making their way out, like security cameras and some stuff under the brake run.

Nothing new with Hercules, but here's proof that both trains are still on the track, only now parked on the storage track. The back half of Hercules Train 2.

Both Hercules trains were on the storage track by today, as opposed to the the one on the brake run and one on storage, which is how they have been parked since the ride closed.

The only news from Hercules was the appearance of this marker on a tree right next to the Trading Post gift shop and the Camp Snoopy Stage.  I found this marking highly interesting, as it is quite far and alienated from the rest, blocked by the stage, and very close to the path.

Only change this week was the appearance of one additional marker.

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