Hercules was a massive wooden coaster designed by Curtis Summers and built by the Dinn Corporation. As a result of low popularity and increasingly high maintenance costs, Hercules was removed at the close of the 2003 season, and replaced with Hydra the Revenge for 2005. Here you will find photos from the removal of Hercules.

For more information on Hercules check out the ride guide here.

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The biggest news is the appearance of tree and survey markings.  This one appears behind the Camp Snoopy stage next to Hercules' station. A look at Hercules' lift approach from the hill down to Tilt-a-Whirl.  Notice the pink survey marker to the right. Another look at Hercules' lift approach reveals more survey markers.
Standing between Joker and Thunder Creek Mountain, here's a look under the second turn around, showing a bunch of survey markers and marked trees. To close out this update, here is a zoomed in look under Hercules' second turn around. Hercules' entrance and exits have now been boarded up, and the warning signs that were at the entrance are now gone.
Both trains are still on the track.  The other train is difficult to see, but it is still on the tracks, on the other side of the wall dividing the storage track and brake run.   

Survey markings have appeared around the Hercules site, and many trees around the ride have been tagged.

All is silent on this Hercules turn-around by Thunder Creek Mountain. Silence on Hercules' lift approach. One of Hercules' trains sits on the storage track.  The other is right next to it, on the other side of the wood wall.
This sign explains it all.  The text in the box says:<br /><br />This huge undertaking requires two major phases that must commence immediately in order to complete the project by spring 2005:<br /><br />The dismantling of Hercules roller coaster.<br />The construction of an exciting new Roller Coaster.   

Hercules is closed, though work towards removal has begun. Both trains remain on the track. A sign was placed on the stairs up to the station explaining the situation in the same words as on the park's official website.

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