Hydra the Revenge is a $13 million steel floorless coaster which debuted at Dorney Park in 2005. The construction process for the ride began with the removal of the Hercules roller coaster, and then the construction of Hydra throughout 2004. Here you can see the latter half, the vertical construction of the ride.

For more information on Hydra the Revenge check out the ride guide here.

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In this update I am thrilled to share a collection of photos from inside the park of the installation of the final piece of Hydra's track, which took place Friday, December 3rd. Special thanks to Carl Hittner for offering to share these photos with Dorney Park Online! Also, a big thanks to everyone at Dorney Park, especially Heather Kramer, Bernie Bonuccelli and H. John Hildebrandt for allowing these pictures to be photographed and shared here.

Please keep in mind that these pictures are not to be posted elsewhere without the permission of the photographer and Dorney Park.


Hydra's track is complete! The final piece of Hydra's 3,198 feet of track was installed yesterday morning.


Hydra is nearing completion! As of this weekend, the second flatspin has been completed, and the final helix has been started. Thanks to Mike Hammer for the photos.

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