Hydra the Revenge is a $13 million steel floorless coaster which debuted at Dorney Park in 2005. The construction process for the ride began with the removal of the Hercules roller coaster, and then the construction of Hydra throughout 2004. Here you can see the latter half, the vertical construction of the ride.

For more information on Hydra the Revenge check out the ride guide here.

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As of this weekend, Hydra's bunny hill is complete! Also supports have started being installed for the remainder of the ride, the second flatspin and helix. Special thanks to Mike Hammer for these pictures!


During this final operating weekend of 2004 for Dorney Park a lot of progress on Hydra is evident. All track from the start of the brake run through the first of two bunny hills is installed. Work has also been progressing on completing the footer/support connections as well as welding the rails between track sections together.


Vertical construction is continuing at a rapid pace. As of this weekend, roughly half of the ride is now in place- the lift through the cobra roll. Speaking of the cobra roll, it is a very visually impressive element. The first piece for the jojo roll has also been installed.

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