Hydra the Revenge is a $13 million steel floorless coaster which debuted at Dorney Park in 2005. The construction process for the ride began with the removal of the Hercules roller coaster, and then the construction of Hydra throughout 2004. Here you can see the latter half, the vertical construction of the ride.

For more information on Hydra the Revenge check out the ride guide here.

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Lots of track was installed this past week. All track is now in place from the pre-lift turn through the first half of the cobra roll. Speaking of the cobra roll... quite a unique mutation!


The inclined dive loop and drop have been completed! The drop looks pretty steep, and will hopefully provide a great thrill. The inclined dive loop is quite unique looking. Only a few track segments need be installed to complete the first half of the zero-g.


A lot has happened on the Hydra construction site in the past week. Lots of new supports have sprung up, including those for the inclined dive loop, drop, first flatspin and the cobra roll. Some track has also been installed, including the first half of the first flatspin, and the pullout between the first flatspin and cobra roll.

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