Hydra the Revenge is a $13 million steel floorless coaster which debuted at Dorney Park in 2005. The construction process for the ride began with the removal of the Hercules roller coaster, and then the construction of Hydra throughout 2004. Here you can see the latter half, the vertical construction of the ride.

For more information on Hydra the Revenge check out the ride guide here.

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Track for the zero-g roll has gone up! The zero-g looks small and a very tight twist. Track is all over the construction site.


Transfer track and station track have been assembled, and some new supports are up. One appears to be for the drop, while another looks like the zero-g roll.


No further vertical construction has occured, but various site work has been occuring daily. The construction of several retaining walls is evident at the back of the brake run, where the drop looks like it will be. Track is sitting all along the brake run, along with some small supports.

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