New for 2008, Possessed is an Intamin impulse coaster. This shuttle launch coaster features two 180 foot tall towers and a top speed of 70 mph. In it's former life, Possessed operated as Steel Venom and Superman: Ultimate Escape at Geauga Lake/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. When it was added to Dorney Park in 2008, the ride was originally named Voodoo. Due to a trademark dispute with another park, the ride was renamed Possessed for the 2009 season. For detailed information on Possessed in it's former location, check out its page on RollerCoaster Database. This page follows the construction of Possessed.

For more information on Possessed check out the ride guide here.

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2/1/08 - Winter Tour
Various parts. The big tubes in the foreground are the plungers that will go at the ends of Voodoo's towers. Some fins for the Voodoo train. A brand new harness for the Voodoo train.
Sculpture of the logo to be placed on the sign. The plans for the sign. This will become the ride's sign, with a huge sculpted logo on it.
Some parts along the midway. A look at part of the site. This will be where the back (vertical) spike will be. Construction on the electrical/maintenance building that will be along the launch track.
A broader look at the electrical building. The launch track will run along here. These horizontal support beams are scheduled to start going up next week. Another look at where the rear spike will be.
Future location of Voodoo's station. Looking along the launch towards where the front spike will be. Drop Shop is being remodeled into a gift shop for Voodoo.
A support column. Ride structure. Track.

These photos were all taken during the annual coaster enthusiast tour of the park. There are several photos of parts and work on the ride's sign from the maintenance shop, as well as a collection of photos of the construction site and structure parts. As visible in the pictures, the electrical/maintenance building is under construction now. The station is going to be near Monster, with the ride launching towards Laser. It was mentioned that steel construction should begin next week.

10/6/07 - Site Prep Continues
Some markings on the midway are visible here. Overview of the construction site. An overview of the construction site showing a line of survey markings.
Some dirt moving along the back of the construction site. Some dirt moving along the back of the construction site. A view of the back of the construction from the Laser queue.
A view of the back of the construction from the Laser queue. Not much change at the track stored behind Steel Force. A closer view of the track behind Steel Force.
A view of the track from the Steel Force queue.   

This week there was some dirt moving on the construction site and a bunch of survey markers added. A DPO visitor sent in two of the photos in this update showing a level platform of dirt that has been created along the back of the construction site. There are lots of markings on the midway near Monster Grille. It appears as though this section of midway will be removed. Back behind the Steel Force restroom, there have not been any visible major deliveries since the last update.

9/22/07 - Construction Begins
The Zephyr has been parked behind Laser. Hmm wonder why? Oh, that's why. Part of Zephyr's track has been removed... Construction site for Voodoo at the former Skyscraper location.
Most landscaping has been removed and dirt is being moved. The footer and walkways for Skyscraper have been removed. Lots of dirt.
Another view of the construction site. Another view of the construction site. Markings for further construction near the Monster Grille.
The first sections of track have arrived and are being stored behind the Steel Force restrooms.   

Two DPO visitors were nice enough to send in some pictures from this past weekend of the start of construction of Voodoo, and the arrival of the first pieces of track. So far the only ground work done is moving landscaping out of the way, and the removal of the footer and walkway from Skyscraper.

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